Marley / SPX Cooling Technologies

Marley, a division of SPX Cooling Tecnologies, is a leading full-line, full-service evaporative cooling and air cooled condenser manufacturer.

Cooling Towers

Marley_CoolingMarley is the world’s only full-line cooling tower manufacturer and has been manufacturing since 1922. Marley uses a total system approach to provide an optimally designed system. Every cooling tower and component is designed and engineered to work together as an integrated system for efficient performance and long life.

The NC series cooling tower has the highest tonnage per cell and offers the highest ASHRAE 90.1 performance available, as compared to other leading manufacturers. Capacities for the NC tower range from 101 to 1455 tons per cell.

Marley offers the Aquatower series for smaller applications that still require maximum efficiency and low maintenance. The Aquatower is available from 8 to 126 tons per cell for the steel model and 22 to 91 tons per cell for the fiberglass model.

Marley also has a complete line of field-erected cooling towers for larger applications such as power plants, industrial facilities and large scale HVAC.  These are available in fiberglass, wood or steel main structure components.

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Evaporative Fluid Coolers

Marley_EvapMarley’s MHF evaporative fluid cooler is one of the most efficient choices for industrial and HVAC applications that require closed loop cooling.  The MHF is a hybrid design that utilizes a combination of fill media and coils to improve performance over traditional closed-circuit coolers.

The newest design of the MHF offers upgrades to copper coils and a finned tube coil for improving dry operation in cold ambient conditions. The MHF series is available from 31 to 628 tons per cell.

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